For people in NY looking for marriage consulting
If you’re looking to meet a Japanese resident in NY, a whitea American, or Asian American then look no further
Our company motto is “safe and sincere marriage services,” and with our background and experience we are now fully expanding our services to New York.
We have the utmost confidence and pride in the services we provide so please come by for a consultation.

Increase your chances of meeting potential partners with our small group date parties

We hold regular small group date parties Participants are New Yorkers and nearby residents (including Japanese residents from overseas) ranging from ages 20 to 50 who are single and working. Our participant’s’ backgrounds are mainly Japanese women, men, white American, and Asian Americans.

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Intimate one-on-one dates

We also arrange serious one-on-one dates. Date partners always go through counseling and their backgrounds are reviewed to ensure that both people have similar interests and are dating in hopes of marriage in the future.

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Professional Support

Our specialists will bring out your absolute “best” Our team of experts is here to support those who are passionate in their pursuit of marriage. Our team consists of a pro cameraman, a counselor with years of experience, and professional make-up artists who are all specialists in international marriages. You will get a wonderful picture …

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