For prospective applicants


We accept clients from all over the world.  At New York Marriage we put our members first to provide support and as much back up as they need until they have found long-lasting, loving marriages. We want to help you with one of the biggest jobs you will ever face — “marriage” — and give you the life you’ve always wanted. We provide the services below to help each one of our members find the right person with the right amount of assistance. The actual venue for Omiai (a serious one-one meeting) will be either New York, USA or Tokyo, JAPAN.


Counseling (free if you live in NY. If not, we will charge $50 per a counselling)


All applicants must first go to counseling before becoming members. An experienced counselor will meet with you in a relaxed setting and ask about your hopes and plan for the future to help find someone that would be a perfect match.


Payment Plans


In order for us to provide quality service with effective results we require a reasonable monetary contribution.


We have two different types of payment plans below.  Our result-oriented plan, Plan B is a popular plan — which does not require upfront big payment.  You can do Omiai at your own pace without paying membership nor monthly fee.


Plan A (for those who want to have many Omiai and meet many people.)

Membership (lasts for one year, including a first counseling): $ 3,000

Monthly fee: $ 0

Dating events, Omiai (per date):$ 0


Plan B (for those who are result-oriented.)

Membership (lasts until canceled, including a first counseling): $ 0

Monthly fee: $ 0

Dating events, Omiai (per date): $ 150


*When the marriage is decided, a completion fee ($3,000) will be required for both Plan A and B.   The additional $500 might incur when you decided to marry to a person who is a member of our affiliated company in abroad.


Counseling reservation


If you are interested then please sign up for a counseling appointment. You can apply through the questionnaire form or make a reservation through the calendar.


*Counseling normally takes place in Manhattan, but for members out of state and abroad we provide Skype and phone counseling. However dating events all take place in New York.  Omiai via Skype could be done also for people who have problem to travel to New York but need to schedule in advance.


Counseling Registration(free)