Can anyone become a member?

Yes, to join you must first sign up for free marriage counseling and be interviewed by us. All members must provide an ID and picture for us to provide safe and secure services.

What kind of people join?

Our members are mostly Japanese working in America or Americans interested in Japanese culture. They join for various reasons such as, “I came to America and have been so busy with work that I have no time to look for a partner,” “I work with people of the same sex and don’t have a chance to meet people,” “Online dating and speed dating never turns into anything serious,” or “I used to live in America, but moved back to Japan and I realized I want to get married in America.” They are all passionate people willing to take a step forward toward that fated someone.

What’s the male to female ratio? Who are the majority of members?

Our members consist of men and women ages 20 to 40 both Japanese and American. For the women they are mainly Japanese and the men are mainly Japanese people (working abroad in America), White Americans, and Asian Americans. The male/female ratio is 2 to 3 with females being the majority. Members abroad in Japan and other countries can receive counseling via Skype and over the phone, and when they come to New York they can have dates set up.

I’m not good with parties and events…

We hold several parties throughout the year, but make sure that even people who are nervous in large groups are able to attend as well. One of our own members who said they weren’t good with parties attended one and ended up saying, “After I went to one I ended up having a really good time.” Please come by and join us at one of our events.

I’m worrying about people looking at my profile without permission, or meeting someone I know at an event…

We have a perfect system where our staff will handle your personal details with the utmost care and will not carelessly give out your information. You will have a registered profile, but it will not be publicly viewable to other members (except those who asked us to put their profile on internet). We also set up one-on-one dates for those who do not want to meet with groups of strangers. Our counselors will protect your privacy, while finding a perfect match for you.

However, for those who do attend group parties and events, there will always be a chance you’ll run into someone you know. If you know people who are looking for marriage partners, and have the similar goals to you this is an unavoidable situation. New York is a huge city where people are always coming and going. The chance that you’ll run into someone might be smaller than you think. If you are overly concerned about what people think of you then you might be letting a chance of a lifetime get away. So rather than miss that chance we recommend that you let us help you take that step forward for yourself.

How are the marriage interviews conducted?

Our company decides the time and place of the marriage interviews. Both parties will be brought together by a counselor at a hotel lounge. Our experienced counselor will help break the ice between the two members and help connect their hearts.

How many people are introduced every month?

It depends on you. We hand pick the interviewees for you based on your background and desires. We provide a specialty service that you won’t get normally in Japan with staff knowledgeable about international marriages when looking for a suitable partner and introducing them to you.