Ms. M from Japan

“Until now I’ve always had reservations about going to Konkatsu parties (a Japanese style singles party for marriage), but I decided to take a chance and check it out. The atmospheric wasn’t forced and everyone, guys and girls included were nice and easygoing. It took no time at all to blend into the group and get along with everyone. The staff was also very supportive in helping us strike up a conversation. It was a wonderful party.”

Ms. H from New York

“Wasn’t sure how the party would be like but the staffs took a good care of all the attendees. It was bit short talking to each person within 15 mins each, but I had a fun time getting to know all of them.”

Mr. W from New York

“Coincidentally that the event so happened to be on Valentine’s Day, there was so much uncertainty and question marks for a first time participant like myself. But with the help of the very supportive staff of the event, the jittery atmosphere soon broke away after the opportunity of exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts to one another. That definitely put many happy smiles for the participants and things just moved along nice and smoothly. Only the guys had to exchange seats every 15 minutes to have the opportunity to speak to all the beautiful ladies, but because of such the short time periods,it was definitely very difficult to concentrate on starting a decent conversation. However, because of the circumstances,I took every possible opportunity to make a big impression in the minimal time that was offered. As a result,I was able to leave the event without any regrets left on the table. With so many multi-racial participants and many choices to choose from, it was a great experience to just make the trip to participate. Thank you so much to the staff to hold such a difficult event. With their help, I was able to spend the weekend with a Big Smile on my face.”

Ms. J from New York

“It was a great date party that was private and intimate. The counselors really did their job and all the participants were polite. Rather than a dating party it was more like being introduced to nice friends.”

Mr. A from New York

“The Saturday night group date party was great (especially for me as a New Yorker). I mostly talked to the sweet and beautiful. It was a good party to meet a date as well as social friends. Of course I’m looking forward to meeting a nice girl too though.”

Mr. S from Japan (expat)

“It was my first time coming to one of these parties so I was a little nervous, but the event space had an ‘at home’ feel and was fun for start to finish. I was able to chat and have a good time.”